Information Technology

He department of IT aims to produce best computer and IT professionals at global level. The Department of IT with its excellent infrastructure and centrally air-conditioned labs with Latest software technology, moulds the students into technically valuable, highly qualified computer professionals. Apart from exposing the students to core computer subjects like Networking, Multimedia,, design of algorithms, object oriented DBMS, microprocessors, , Data warehousing, are offered to students, which makes the curriculum more interesting and of industrial value. On the practical end, the budding professionals are made to work with high-end systems in the labs. There are well equipped labs with a total of 200 computers connected in LAN using switches and two servers (IBM X3400 under Windows Server 2008 & RHEL-5.0).For internet facility , academic work and for local network. Facilities exist for all lab courses given in the curriculum as well as for R & D activities.             The computer centre has good support infrastructure in terms of air-conditioning and On-line UPS. GCEW has a central standby generator to meet the power requirements of not only the computer labs but the institute as a whole. Department is well equipped with modern technology IT Gadgets for needs of the researchers, faculty, and students.             The dept. aims to train the students. The dep’t. puts great emphasis on laboratory work. In addition to building strong fundamentals, it gives hands on experiments on real life projects.

 Faculty Detail:

1 Dr. Rajeev Yadav HOD CSE Assistant Professor 09/04/10 B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Phil, MBA, PhD 11.5
2 Ms. Tripti Mehta CSE Assistant Professor 01/07/08 B.Tech, M.Tech 8.5
3 Ms Parveen Mehta IT Assistant Professor 12/08/10 B.E., M.Tech 4.6
4 Mr. Arif Ali Wani CSE Assistant Professor 01/07/09 B.Tech, M.Tech (P), CCNA & CCNP 5
5 Ms. Archana Rohilla CSE Assistant Professor 01/07/09 B.E, M.E 4
6 Ms  Manju Sharma CSE Assistant Professor 18/08/10 M.Sc.,PGDCA 3.5
7 Ms Priyanka Sharma CSE Assistant Professor 09/01/12 B.E., M.Tech 3
8 Mr Nitin Kumar CSE Assistant Professor 27/08/11 B.E., M.Tech 2.6
9 Ms Alka garg. CSE Assistant Professor 12/08/10 B.E, M.Tech 2.6
10 Ms. Seema CSE Assistant Professor 13/03/10 B.E., M.Tech 2
11 Mr Devraj CSE Assistant Professor 27/08/11 B.E., M.Tech 1
12 Ms. Kavita Bishnoi CSE Assistant Professor 15/12/11 B.E., M.Tech 0.4